how do i get cacti to deliver data to weathermap

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how do i get cacti to deliver data to weathermap

#1 Post by zoyzat » Sat Mar 17, 2018 4:30 pm

I have a problem to get weathermap to read data from cacti and make stats in weathermap.

I get this when i run weathermap:
WARNING: /XXXX/weathermap/configs/hjemme.conf: ProcessTargets: NODE PING, target: /var/lib/cacti/rra/ubnt_switch_ping_40.rrd':'ping':AVERAGE on config line 60 of /XXXX/weathermap/configs/hjemme.conf was not recognised as a valid TARGET [WMWARN08]

In the config file i have this:
LABEL Latency {node:this:bandwidth_in:%d} ms / Loss {node:this:bandwidth_out:%d}%
TARGET /var/lib/cacti/rra/ubnt_switch_ping_40.rrd':'ping':AVERAGE
USESCALE ping in percent

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Re: how do i get cacti to deliver data to weathermap

#2 Post by Howie » Sat Mar 17, 2018 5:20 pm

It's telling you it's not a valid target because it's not a valid target.

Assuming that your rrd file has DS named ping and AVERAGE (seems a bit strange), the target should be:

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     TARGET /var/lib/cacti/rra/ubnt_switch_ping_40.rrd:ping:AVERAGE
(no apostrophes)

That will take the DS named 'ping' and use it for bandwidth_in, and the DS named 'AVERAGE' and use that for bandwidth_out.

That is close enough to a correct rrd target that even if the DS names are wrong, you will get a better error message in the logs. It'll tell you what the possible DS names are (because the rrd datasource plugin will recognise it as a valid target).
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