Forum split by major release changes

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Forum split by major release changes

#1 Post by Javik » Thu Aug 22, 2019 10:28 am

I have no clue what is still relevant on this forums for the 1.0+ release vs all prior releases.

This forum is extremely difficult to navigate due to the fact that the software seems to have significantly changed over time, so the old posts from years ago are basically irrelevant and do not apply to the newer versions.

Trying to apply old solutions and templates to a newer version may unintentionally screw up the newer version and corrupt the configuration, requiring a wipe, loss of collected data, and reinstallation.

It would be useful to see a split of the forum categories into sections that are particular for each major revision, moving all posts in a date range for a particular release into a new category for that version, and then picking through those looking for anything referring to earlier versions.

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