Cisco ICMP Round-Trip (Pings from the Cisco itself)

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Cisco ICMP Round-Trip (Pings from the Cisco itself)

#1 Post by mjc » Mon Mar 20, 2006 2:20 am

hi all,

another one of my wonderful cisco templates :P

this graph template and associated script is designed for special situations where you want to graph the round trip time from one end of a link to the other end of the link from a specific device independant of the rest of the network wherever the cacti box might be.

so this package will take some command line arguments connect to the desired cisco and execute a ping from a specific source ip to a specific source ip allowing you to test a given link without compounding factors..

this is still experimental if you have any feedback/questions pls let me know!

here is an example where a telco's atm node partially failed and although the paths were rebuilt via other nodes and classified as restored you can still see packet loss on the rebuilt paths until we got onto them about it.

here is another example where we have a wierd problem where a particular atm pvc starts exhibiting latency only in the afternoon and evening (despite ample capacity being available) and the compounding factor that the telcos tier2/3 engineers finish up at 5. having graphs that are isolated only to the devices in question has proven very useful in proving that the issue is not part of our network.


like what you see?

download the xml template and of course the external perl script


i dont know whether this has been fixed yet or not but the default release of the cacti crontab in the RPM by default sent both stderr and stdout to null.. thus if there is ever an issue reported by poller.php or any of its scripts nothing is caught by cron and thus you will never get an email or even know of any issue unless you examine the cacti logfiles by hand.. if cron is executing my scripts i would prefer that cron sent me an email if one of them failed at the time it failed with the output from the script rather than just finding days later that something broke but it has been supressed.

so change your crontab redirects to be poller.php 2>&1 > /dev/null

then you actually get emails when things break. (eg script couldnt telnet to a router for some reason)

2) this script telnets to the cisco and executes the ping command itself from the cisco every time poller.php runs by default 5 minutes. REMEMBER THAT. therefore this is to be used a "finger on the pulse" tool for detailed network analysis only and not to be applied as a general rule to all your interfaces because you will end up smacking your routers with umpteen million telnets every time poller.php runs potentially harming your CPU and preventing other users from getting onto the virtual exec.

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#2 Post by nduda78 » Thu Jul 03, 2008 9:51 am

Sorry for digging up the past, but im trying this and always get:

unknown remote host: x.x.x.x at /www/htdocs/cacti/scripts/cisco/ line 57

/usr/bin/perl /www/htdocs/cacti/scripts/cisco/

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Re: Cisco ICMP Round-Trip (Pings from the Cisco itself)

#3 Post by dogs1005 » Tue Dec 13, 2016 11:46 am

Any way these scripts could be re-posted as the original links are down?

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