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Current Known Plugins

#1 Post by rony » Sat Jul 22, 2006 11:00 am

Currently Known Plugins

Updated by TheWitness 2008-12-03
Announcement: Official Cacti Repository for Plugins and Templates by gandalf, 2009-04-15
The Official Cacti Plugins Repository by gandalf, 2009-04-15

Plugin Architecture : 2.1 for Cacti 0.8.7b
Required to use plugins
  1. Aggregate (0.7.0 B2)
  2. Autom8 (0.30)
  3. B.A.S.E. (0.1)
  4. Boost (2.4)
  5. clog (1.2)
  6. Configmanager (0.76)
  7. Cycle (0.7)
  8. Dataquery (now part of cacti 087)
  9. Devices (0.4) ... c&start=15
  10. Discovery (0.9)
  11. Docs (0.2)
  12. Flowviewer (0.6)
  13. Host Info (0.2)
  14. Links (0.3)
  15. loginmod (1.9)
  16. MacTrack (2.0)
  17. Manage (0.6)
  18. Memorize (0.3)
  19. mobile (0.1)
  20. Monitor (0.9)
  21. NMID (v0.3.9a)
  22. NPC (0.1.1) ... c&start=60
  23. NTop (0.1)
  24. OSSEC (0.1)
  25. Passwd (0.2)
  26. Pollperf (0.3.2) ... erformance (no longer actively maintained, know to work with 087)
  27. PHPweathermap (0.95b)
  28. Realtime Graph (0.36)
  29. ReportIt (0.6.1)
  30. Reports (0.1)
  31. routerconfigs (0.2)
  32. RRDclean (0.38)
  33. Settings (0.6)
  34. Spike Killer (1.1)
  35. SQL Queries (0.2)
  36. SSL (0.1)
  37. SNMPTT (0.16b)
  38. Status (v4)
  39. Subnet Calculator (0.4d)
  40. Superlinks (0.8)
  41. Syslog (0.53)
  42. TechAnnoyer (1.0.0) ... c&start=15
  43. Thold (0.41)
  44. Time Shifter (now part of cacti)
  45. Tools (0.2)
  46. TopTalkers (0.3)
  47. Transporter (0.2)
  48. Update (0.4) (no longer required with PIA 2.x)
  49. Uptime (0.3)
  50. ZOND (0.3.4c)
Thanks go to akashah for initially creating this list.

If you have an update or addition to this list, please send me a PM/Email or simply post a reply on this thread. Posts will be removed from this thread as they are updated. Non-related posts will be deleted.
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#2 Post by TheWitness » Sat Nov 03, 2007 8:47 am

What Do The Plugins Do?
  1. Aggregate (0.6.5) - Creates new graphs by combining elements from several graphs.
  2. Autom8 - Creates Graphs and Tree Entries based on freely defined rules
  3. B.A.S.E. (0.1) - Simple Cacti Snort Viewer Program
  4. Boost (2.3) - Performance booster to reduce I/O wait issues on very large systems.
  5. ConfigManager (0.76) - Automatic version control and diff viewer for your switches and routers
  6. Cycle (0.3) - Plugin that Cycles through your graphs. Great for Datacenter wall type display of key graphs
  7. Dataquery (0.1.4a) - Allows for CSV export of some graph types. **Included in 0.8.7**
  8. Devices (0.4) - Allows non-console users to view Device status. Handy plugin too keep from having too many administrators.
  9. Discovery (0.8.3) - Scans subnets for devices and automatically adds graphs based upon discovery results.
  10. Docs (0.1) - This is a poor mans document management system. Allows you to save key information in list format. Good for quick lookups of key information to manage your operations.
  11. Flowviewer (0.4) - A simple Viewer for your Netflow flows
  12. Host Info (0.2) - Collects information about hosts on your network
  13. Links (0.3) - Allows you to add arbitrary content to Cacti **Replaced by Superlinks**
  14. Memorize (0.3) - Cool plugin that caches PNG images from RRDtool in physical memory reducing I/O. Does not work on Windows.
  15. MacTrack (1.1) - Do you want to know where that PC with the virus is? Well MacTrack does that for you. It collects Mac to IP information from your switches and routers on a schedule and allows you to find things like stolen PC's and virus infected devices quickly.
  16. Manage (0.6) - Service availability monitor for Cacti
  17. Monitor (0.8.2) - Dashboard viewer for your systems. Provides audible alerting when systems go down and much more.
  18. NMID (v0.3.9a) - Integrates Smokeping and Cacti and Some other Nice things.
  19. NPC (0.1.1) - Nagios Plugin for Cacti.
  20. NTop (0.1) - A nice plugin that redirects you to your NTop server.
  21. OSSEC (0.1) - Plugin for the OSSEC Intrusion Detection System
  22. Passwd (0.2) - Nice change password utility for Cacti
  23. Pollperf (0.3.2) - If you are wondering "which" data sources cause you poller delays, this is the plugin for you. When you put you Cacti poller in DEBUG mode, it will let you know who's the bad guy.
  24. PHPweathermap (0.95b) - A great plugin for displaying not only your WAN topology, but viewing what's going on right now. This is a must for all NOC's.
  25. Realtime Graph (0.34) - Great little addon that allow you to take any Cacti Graph and show a near realtime update. Way Cool!
  26. ReportIt (0.6.1) - Great report for collecting information about switches and routers and providing summary information to users
  27. Reports (0.1) - Allows you to send graphs that you specify to users that you specify at a specified time
  28. RRDclean (0.3.5) - By default, when you delete a graph, the corresponding RRDfiles are not deleted. This tool allows you to find those RRDfiles and delete them.
  29. Settings (0.5) - Consolidates "core" functionality for all plugins to use such as e-mailing functions and DNS resolution in a single plugin. NOTE: This plugin is a pre-requisite for many additional plugins
  30. Spike Killer (0.1.0a) - A nice perl script that removes spikes from your graphs.
  31. SQL Queries (0.2) - Allows you to query SQL databases to store information in graphs.
  32. SNMPTT (0.16b) - Stores and allows viewing of SNMP Traps
  33. SSL (0.1) - Forces all users to https rather than http for those customers that do not like sending passwords in the clear.
  34. Status (v4) - Shows the status of all hosts and provide a non-console view of problem hosts.
  35. Subnet Calculator (0.4d) - Nice tool for calculating subnet masks, broadcast addresses, etc.
  36. Superlinks (0.8) - Great tool for adding arbitrary content to Cacti!
  37. Syslog (0.5.2) - Poor mans event system. Combined with syslog-ng, it's a consolidated syslog viewer.
  38. TechAnnoyer (1.0.0) - Linux/UNIX only plugin for informing users of device status changes
  39. Thold (0.3.9) - A very popular tool to inform administrators when systems may be in trouble.
  40. Time Shifter (0.3) - A nice tool that allows you to view different custom timespans much more easily **Included in 0.8.7**
  41. Tools (0.2) - A set of network tools that help you in your day to day activities.
  42. TopTalkers (0.3) - A TopX Plugin for Cacti
  43. Transporter (0.2) - A near term trending device for Cacti that adds alternate flash graph capabilities to Cacti
  44. Update (0.4) - Tells you when key (Jimmy uses them) plugins have updates. Good in order to keep you up-to-date when you don't have time to scan the forums.
  45. Uptime (0.3) - Informs you when as system or snmp agent has been restarted
  46. ZOND (0.3.4c) - Allows you to selectively view certain graphs types in real time
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