rra permissions

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rra permissions

#1 Post by mooneyn » Wed Oct 10, 2012 4:29 pm

I noticed that if the permissions are wrong on an existing and working rrd file (this is, the file is not writable) there is no error in the cacti system log. I know it's probably more of an rrdtool issue, but would be nice if there was an error in the cacti log advising of this.

Also, i think the features in the plugin "rrdcleaner" should be standard within cacti. This is finding and deleting old rrd files.

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Re: rra permissions

#2 Post by gandalf » Fri Oct 12, 2012 3:25 pm

You will find those errors when redirecting the poller.php output in crontab to e.g. /var/www/html/cacti/log/poller.log instead of /dev/null ...

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