Release of Cacti 1.1.6

Important information about Cacti developments that all users should be interested in.

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Release of Cacti 1.1.6

#1 Post by rony » Sun May 07, 2017 8:08 pm

Release of Cacti

Special thanks to all that have helped by contributing code and reporting issues on GitHub! We would not be where we are today without the help. Let's continue to grow the Cacti community!

For additional details check out the README located on GitHub.

Active development of Cacti is located on GitHub! Join us in making Cacti better, submit issues, fork and submit pull requests!

Cacti Change Log
  • issue#620: The table poller_data_template_field_mappings can get out of sync when manipulating data templates
  • issue#622: Can not connect to MySQL over a socket
  • issue#628: Cacti upgrade process is complex and error pront for developers
  • issue#635: Error when saving change to data template
  • issue#637: When displaying tree graphs, use the same layout as preview mode
  • issue#646: When a plugin is disabled during page operations, warnings can appear
  • issue#651: Unable to view cacti log (because of allowed memory size exhausted)
  • issue#657: Error in log when host is down, using icmp and using cmd.php on FreeBSD
  • issue: List for creating a Graph type shows already added Graph Templates
  • issue: Fix and undefined variable on data source page when first creating a manual data source
  • issue: Remove tabindex and other non-required manual aria controls from pages
  • issue: Table type and column type in poller_output table wrong
  • issue: FILTER_VALIDATE_MAC not defined on PHP less than 5.5
  • issue: When changing your language Cacti would not do a full page refresh
  • feature#106: Paginated CLOG and log administration
  • feature: Dutch translations
  • feature: Responsive Graphs page
  • feature: Convert forms from table based to div based for responsive design
  • feature: Better support for phones and tablets
  • feature: Simplified installation code to facilitate easier release cycle
  • feature: Updating Tablesorter to v2.28.9, adding widgets and pager
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