Release of Cacti 1.1.17

Important information about Cacti developments that all users should be interested in.

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Release of Cacti 1.1.17

#1 Post by rony » Sat Aug 12, 2017 11:12 pm

Release of Cacti

Special thanks to all that have helped by contributing code and reporting issues on GitHub! We would not be where we are today without the help. Let's continue to grow the Cacti community!

For additional details check out the README located on GitHub.


Active development of Cacti is located on GitHub! Join us in making Cacti better, submit issues, fork and submit pull requests!

Cacti Change Log
  • issue#450: List View to Preview shows no results
  • issue#486: Export Device table results to CSV
  • issue#544: Allow Log Rotation to be other than Daily
  • issue#673: Downtime/Recovery time/date is set incorrectly
  • issue#819: Customized timespans for graphs
  • issue#888: Rebuilding Poller Cache when External data sources are present results in false positive warnings in the log
  • issue#891: Database.php unable to connect to MySQL when using port different than 3306
  • issue#893: Warning messages when duplicating CDEF objects
  • issue#897: Due to browser use of special key, deprecate ctrl-shift-x for clearing filter
  • issue#898: Issue with tcp and udp ping due to file description allocation changes
  • issue: Unable use ipv6 ip addresses for snmp ping in the Cacti GUI
  • issue: Update language of the Rebuild Poller Cache menu pick
  • issue: Broken design for input controls with Sunrise theme
  • issue: Timespan switching not switching to Custom in Preview Mode
  • issue: Log rotation would not occur under certain conditions. Provide more control over log functions
  • issue: Purge log file always purged the cacti.log, not the selected log
  • issue: Unable to view graphs for errored data sources from Cacti log
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