[SOLVED]cacti log file data

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[SOLVED]cacti log file data

#1 Post by eholz1 » Mon Apr 15, 2019 10:33 am

Hello Members,

Is there anyway to get the cacti log file to include the "description" of the device in addition
to the hostname? currently we have the device desciption as the "name" of the device, and the
hostname as the "ip" of the device: Description: location-site-bldg-device = lax-43-33-rtr1, where rtr1 = "router 1"

The device down error message in the log file reads:
SPINE: Poller[1] Device[163] Hostname[] ERROR: HOST EVENT: Device is DOWN Message: Device did not respond to SNMP

so you can see there is no description in the DOWN message - there is in the threshold email message (yes, I know I could use the email message to get the description).

and the "UP" message:
SPINE: Poller[1] Device[163] Hostname[] NOTICE: HOST EVENT: Device Returned from DOWN State

I am using the cacti.log file in syslog-ng, to forward messages to splunk and would like someway (other than reading the email messages, yes it works) to include the "description" with the hostname.

Thanks so much,

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