How to setup RRAs

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How to setup RRAs

#1 Post by josephmartin » Wed Jun 05, 2019 11:23 pm

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Re: How to setup RRAs

#2 Post by tertius » Thu Jun 06, 2019 1:37 pm

You got the consolidated data points wrong.
Since you want one hour step size, you can do the math without any calculator. It's intuitive, if your brain can calculate hours, days, weeks and months and you want to use these as interval.
Remember: the next to last parameter is the number of primary data points (PDP) consolidated in the RRA. You answer the question: "how many PDP intervals must I have to get my consolidated interval?"
The last parameter is the number consolidated data points (rows) you want to keep. You answer the question: "how many (consolidated) intervals do I want to keep?"

1. One-day coverage sampled every hour
We want 1 PDP every hour, which is 3600 seconds. The generic RRD interval is 1 second. This means our step size is 3600, because we want 1 step (or PDP) every 3600 seconds.
Consolidation: 1 - these are the PDP
Rows: One day is 24 hours. One data point is 1 hour, so we need 24 data points. Take one more => 25.

2. One-week coverage averaged every day (24 hours)
Consolidation: 1 day are 24 hours are 24 data points to consolidate
Rows: One week are 7 days, so we need 7 data points. Take one more => 8.

3. One-month coverage averaged every week (7 days)
Consolidation: 1 week are 7 days are 7*24=168 hours are 168 data points to consolidate.
Rows: one month are 5 weeks

4. One-year coverage averaged every 30 days
Consolidation: 30 days are 30*24=720 hours are 720 data points to consolidate.
Rows: 30 days are 1 month, 1 year are 12 months are 12 data points. Take one more => 13

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