Need help creating graph template for Asterisk (PBX) calls

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Need help creating graph template for Asterisk (PBX) calls

#1 Post by ffeingol » Thu Jul 11, 2019 8:49 am


I'm trying to setup a graph (and associated data source) for calls processes on an Asterisk PBX servers. I have two OID's identified that give me the information that I want. One is a guage32 and the other a counter32.

I'm working on the guage32 first, as it seems more straight forward. In a nutshell it returns the number of calls that are currently active. It's a an integer between 0 and as many calls as the PBX can handle.

In the Graph template I have the following GPRINT items setup:

Current - CF Type LAST
Average - CF Type AVERAGE
Maximum - CF Type MAX

When it graphs I get funky values. The current is a decimal value (and it can only be a integer). The Average and Max are also decimal values (average makes sense to be a decimal) but the values are way, way off.

I've run snmpget's to debug it and the values look correct. 0 when there are no calls, 1 when where is one call going on etc. I know the values are correct as it's a testing PBX and I control the number of calls.

Let me know what info is needed to assist/debug this and I'll be happy to provide it.


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Re: Need help creating graph template for Asterisk (PBX) cal

#2 Post by Beast » Wed Jul 17, 2019 9:12 am

If you can confirm that the data stored into the RRD files is what you expect then it could be a graph problem, i recomend you to check that there are no CDEF activated and that you are not using modified versions of the VDEF.
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